Saturday, January 30, 2016

Las Vegas #GAFESummit Day One

I am honored to have been selected by EdTech Team to present at the Las Vegas GAFE Summit this weekend.  This is the third GAFE Summit that I have attended, and the second in which I have presented.  It always amazes me to see the numbers of people that give up their weekends to spend to FULL days listening to amazing speakers (this is you James Sanders), watching amazing presentations on various Googley things, and networking with people from not just the district, but from all over the nation and Canada.

My first presentation time slot was right after Mr. Sanders' keynote this morning at 10 AM.  Usually, I present on Google Classroom, but I decided to shift things up a bit by presenting on Google apps, extensions, and add-ons.  Google Chrome is life changing as is, but by personalizing it, you can make it your own.  I have over 40 come in to see my presentation, and it was absolutely amazing.  One of the activities included having the attendees provide some of their own ideas on a shareable Google Sheet.  I will be sure to send this out for the world to see after my presentation tomorrow.

There is so much more to the rest of the day and tomorrow.  I cannot wait to see what the remaining speakers, presenters, and this afternoon's demo slam have to offer!  

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