Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My First Podcast

If you are like me, your daily listening on your drive, during a workout, or relaxing after a long day includes music and/or podcasts.  A few months ago, I wrote a post about some of my favorite podcasts.  While I still listen to those podcasts, I have added many other fine podcasts to my listening rotation (I may be due for another post on my favorites, that will come at a later time!).  In the past few months, I have also started looking into podcasting myself, learning from some of the greats in the podcasting world, fine educators like Tom Covington, Michael Jephcott, Brian Briggs, and Ryan O'Donnell, all of whom host some great podcasts (TOSAs Talking Tech with Tom & Mike, Check This Out with Brian & Ryan, and Ryan's new venture, Talking Social Studies).  While I have not yet got off the ground with my own podcast, I was approached by two teachers at my school about producing a podcast for them.  Without further ado, I present to you... the Ridge Life Podcast!

The idea behind the Ridge Life Podcast is to provide a fun outlet for things that are happening around my school.  In this inaugural episode, the hosts, Jamie and Jimmy, placed boxes in random locations around campus for students to place questions they had for them.  They randomly drew questions and answered them in one segment.  Another segment featured the advisor for the school's Varsity Quiz team that recently won the county championship.  Lastly, Jamie, Jimmy, and I participated in a hot sauce challenge (tune in to find out the winner!).  I also provided the introduction and outro for the episode.  As a participant, I was much more involved in this episode than I had planned and intend to in the future, but for now, I am very proud of the work that these teachers put into the planning and execution of this first episode.  We are going to start recording the next episode later this week.  

Advertisement of the first episode of the Ridge Life Podcast

The planning for a podcast of my own is in the infant stages.  I have spoken with a friend of mine in Las Vegas, as well as two friends in Reno, on collaborating on a monthly podcast on education in Nevada.  I have a nice podcasting microphone, I'm getting good with using Soundtrap, now the four of us need to figure out what the scope of the podcast will be and figure out times to record. Because Ridge Life is the first podcast that I have ever produced and the first podcast that either of the hosts has ever recorded, any feedback that you may have is greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to comment on the video link, tweet me (@AndersonEdTech) or the Ridge Life Podcast (@RidgeLifePdcast), using the hashtag #RidgeLifePodcast, send me an email, or send a message via carrier pigeon.  You can also contact me through my website, www.andersonedtech.net.  Thank you, and until next time... keep living... the Ridge Life!

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