Monday, February 22, 2016

Busy much?

When my alarm went off at 5 this morning, I actually got out of bed.  Lately, that has not been the case.  A little bit of background...

The first class of my school day starts at 7 AM.  Contractually, I am obligated to be in my classroom by 6:50.  However, I like to be to my classroom by 6:40 or earlier to get everything set up for the day and to clear my head in preparation for whatever it may be for the day.  If I leave my house by 6:30, I can make it to school in about 7-8 minutes, grab all of my stuff from the car (I look quite ridiculous when I'm coming in, as I am always carrying my lunch, my gym bag so I can go for a run with a couple of my colleagues from school, my Chromebook, and lately, my briefcase that holds all of my leadership academy materials), go to the mailroom to check for anything, work my way upstairs to put my lunch in the office fridge and fill up my Nalgene (shameless plug, can I get some free bottles now?), and walk in to my classroom.

If I can get to work and get everything done that I need to within that time, why am I waking up at 5?  My wife and kids are still sleeping, they do not go to daycare until about 7:45, and my wife to work around 8, so why am I waking up so early?  The answer: I like to get up and take my time on most mornings getting ready.  When the alarm goes off at 5, that gives me the opportunity to have some coffee and breakfast while watching the news (or usually, I catch up on either The Daily Show with Trevor Noah or The Late Show with Stephen Colbert from the night before).  I am in the shower and getting dressed by 6, and out the door no later than 6:30.  With the amount that's been on my plate lately, the alarm hitting at 5 AM has been depressing and going back to sleep for an hour has been more appealing.  So, my morning routine has been vastly different as of late.  Now it's been scrambling to get ready, coffee is taken with me for the drive, breakfast may be something I can scarf while driving, or I pack it with my lunch and eat it before students show up, and I don't get my dose of comedic news and politics.

This morning when I woke up, I actually felt refreshed.  Sunday was a relatively stress free day of hanging out on the couch with my 10 month old boy while watching hockey, Better Call Saul (I'm all caught up on all of Season 1 and watched the first episode of Season 2), and The Walking Dead.  Laundry was taken care, the house was picked up (for the most part, a clean house with a 4 year old and a 10 month old is like a unicorn, you know that it probably exists, but you never see it), and the dishwasher was unloaded and reloaded.  I was in bed and asleep by a little bit after 9, which is another almost impossible feat as of late.

What has made me so busy as of late?  I am an educator, what hasn't made me busy?  Between technology presentations, grading assignments, prepping students for their video presentations later this week (you'll be getting the YouTube links to that!), leadership academy assignments, planning the summer road trip to the Midwest, and making travel plans for CUE National next month and ISTE in June, I have been quite busy.  Because of this, I am calling it a victory that I actually woke up and did my "normal" routine this morning!  Now, if only I can stick to it for the rest of the week.

Until next time...

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