Thursday, December 10, 2015

I might regret this!

I am not sure what it is, but so far, the holiday season has yet to affect my classes.  Usually, this time of year is a mass of chaos that involves procrastination, mass quantities of food brought to my room by means of tempting me to get off task, the relentless questions of "Are we going to have a party?", and the general listlessness of the impending two-week break.

I know I probably just completely jinxed myself by saying that this isn't happening.  We have another week to get through before that break begins, and next week is the holiday spirit week at my school, which means candy canes, Santa hats, ugly sweaters, fudge, popcorn balls, and the exchange of gifts during class (which I do not sanction, but it still happens).  I'll be the first to admit that I am not the biggest fan of the holiday season.  I honestly don't really know why, but "the most wonderful time of the year" applies more to late September and early October for me, because that's when the weather cools off and it is football and hockey season.  Because of the distractions of the season, and my general indifference to the holidays, I tend to struggle this time of the year as much as those that love the season.

So far, I have been focused, and so have my classes.  But I know that I have ruined everything now by opening my mouth.  I'm sure when I check back in a few days, my attitude will be much different.  However, it is going to be fine and dandy when I am walking on a beach in Oahu for a week come time for the extended break.  My biggest concern when is how often I will swim and what days am I going fishing.

Until next time...

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